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The following information presents an accurate representation of the skills, experience and qualifications that I have personally achieved to the present date. In summary, you will discover that I am a very competent School Chaplain and Youth and Children’s Minister with heightened skills using communication through both multi-media (video, PowerPoint presentations and so forth) and music. I also have the ability to run successful youth and children’s activities both in and outside a school context and to provide relevant and dynamic training in a variety of fields.



St Andrew’s School, Turi, Kenya – April 2016 to Present Responsibilities included:

• Developing and leading the Chaplaincy team, promoting and upholding the distinctively Christian ethos of the School.

• Direct the Assistant Chaplains, overseeing their appointment, induction, training and professional development.

• Ensure that the Christian ethos and values are being incorporated and valued in the running of the School, acting as a moral and spiritual anchor.

• Advising the School Executive Committee and the Board of Governors about the spiritual climate in the School and providing vision for the development of the School’s Christian ethos.

• Overseeing staff and student welfare.

• Taking an active role in advising and promoting social and spiritual outreach to the wider community.

• Oversee all acts of Christian worship within the School: taking time to direct, encourage and train members of the school community in appropriate and meaningful acts of Christian worship, and liaising with other departments as required

• Monitor all points of Christian input both academically and pastorally

• Liaise with pastoral, RE and PHSE departments, making recommendations as appropriate

• Plan, prepare and oversee special school services (Remembrance, Christmas, Easter, Leavers’ Service etc.) and ensure that these are fitting occasions.


Anglican Parish of Pembroke, Bermuda – Jan 2011 to Mar 2016 Responsibilities included:

Directing the Youth and Children’s Ministry across the Parish of Pembroke, which consists of three churches with an average weekly attendance of 350-400 people.

Creating a Youth Mentoring programme using Internet Radio as a platform to teach life skills and a spiritual foundation. 

Pioneering All Age Worship services in two churches aimed at bringing the whole congregation together.

Implementing after-school programmes, holiday camps and training events to benefit youth and children across the Island of Bermuda.

Serving in communities dealing with severe gang-related issues.

Being part of a team that pioneered community suppers and food pantries in two of our most socially challenged communities.

Being part of a small group of musicians teaching children basic musical skills.

Re-developing IT centres that provide safe access to the Internet and are used for training, homework, Sunday school, a radio project and youth groups.

Building partnerships with organisations such as ‘Young Life’. Together we provide schools ministry, clubs and camps across the Island.


St. Andrew’s Church, Cullompton, Devon, UK - Sep 2000 - Jan 2011 Responsibilities included:

Overseeing a large and growing children’s and families’ ministry.

Identifying, encouraging and empowering new leadership.

Pioneering networking in the local community; working in particular with the local council, primary care trust and a community family centre.

Leading worship specialising in children’s congregations and family celebrations.

Establishing a strong primary schools ministry; activities included lessons, assemblies, midweek clubs and being a representative on the school governing body.

Creating a local network for children’s leaders that was specifically designed to provide training and encouragement. The network also provided video training material that is to date still being used across the Anglican Diocese of Exeter.

Assisting in the original planning group tasked to implement a children’s centre within the town of Cullompton.


Spring Harvest, Minehead & Skegness, UK – Sept 2000 to Sept 2008 Responsibilities included:

Creating, developing and presenting relevant All Age Worship material to approximately 1000 children and adults.

Co-managing a successful team.

Delivering training to help improve the children’s and family ministry.


British Broadcasting Company, Bristol, UK - Dec 2000 to Dec 2005 Responsibilities included:

• Chairing a group of people who advised the BBC on their local and regional programming. This required liaising with BBC governors and programme producers and enabled me to be part of a successful organization and to acquire a clear understanding into public service broadcasting.


Upper Stratton Baptist Church, Swindon, UK - Sep 2000 to Sep 2005 Responsibilities included:

Managing and equipping a team of around 30 volunteers.

Developing and managing programmes and groups that reached 500 young people on a weekly basis. This included schools work, church activities and local community projects.

Developing links into the local community and through these opportunities cultivating relationships within existing church activities.

Managing and maintaining a youth and children’s budget.

Providing resources for a youth and children’s programme that witnessed accelerated growth.

Forming part of a senior church leadership team.

Initiating multi-media workshops with the aim to encourage young people and children to explore and share their faith using digital video equipment, video editing software and PowerPoint presentations.

Launching and encouraging a variety of regular children’s activities.


Ruskin Junior School, Swindon, UK - Dec 2000 to Sep 2005 Responsibilities included:

Leading a team in developing and implementing the vision for a local primary school.

Providing a supporting role in religious education including spiritual input of the Christian faith.

Criticle friendship towards the school’s senior management team.

Being part of a recruitment team, which enabled me to develop skills in interviewing and selecting new staff.


Clivey Project (youth project), Swindon, UK - Dec 2000 to Dec 2004 Responsibilities included:

Managing a team of people responsible for the accountability of a youth information café.

Implementing and managing a computer network which provided 100 people with access to online resources.

Being part of the original concept and remaining with the charity until the organisation was well developed.


First Baptist Church, Rochester, Minnesota, USA – Jan to Mar 1999 Responsibilities included:

Acquiring experience and training within youth and children’s ministry management.

Working alongside a children’s pastor, a pastor of a middle school and a senior high school pastor.

Planning and implementing successful parts of a youth and children’s programme and providing input for approximately 500 young people and children.

Fulfilling tasks which included bible teaching, worship leading, computer website design and supervising a middle school retreat.


Oasis India, Bangalore, India – Jan to Mar 1998 Responsibilities included:

Assisting with the development of a youth programme within a newly established youth department, which provided me with helpful insight into how Christian youth and children’s work functions within the Asian culture.

Creating plans for a computer project to train disadvantaged young people in basic computer skills. This project is now running under the framework proposed and supported by large Indian computer manufacturers.


Children’s Workshop, Tonbridge, Kent, UK – Jun to Aug 1997 Responsibilities included:

Undertaking the development of a local school’s ministry.

Being part of an active team reaching out to the local church and schools.

Developing a clear understanding of good practice within children’s ministry.

THEATRE TECHNICIAN & FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER 1995-1997 Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Responsibilities included:

Providing front of house support in main auditorium during performances.

Acquiring skills in people management and customer relations.

Developing further skills in stage lighting, sound presentation and stage management.

Being part of a strong team that worked to tight deadlines and often functioned during unsociable hours.



An introduction to Boarding for International Schools An introduction of General Data Protection

Child Neglect

Child Protection

Child Sexual Exploitation


 Data Protection

Dealing with Bereavement and Loss

Equality and Diversity

FGM Awareness

Fire Safety in Education

First Aid Essentials

Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Online Safety

Preventing Bullying

Raising Awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage Raising Awareness of Peer-on-peer Abuse

Safeguarding Young People

The Prevent Duty

Use of Reasonable Force in Schools


(Family, Youth & Community Work)

Moorlands College (University of Gloucestershire), UK


Redcliffe College (University of Gloucestershire), UK


West Kent College, UK

Music Technology and Media Studies


St Gregory’s Catholic Comprehensive School, UK

English (B), Mathematics (C), Science (C), Double Science (C), Information Systems (C), Religious Studies (C), Geography (C), Music (D)


Outdoor activities including walking, camping, boating, student pilot, off-roading and travelling.

Cooking - with specialty in preparing Indian cuisine.

Digital photography - specialising in landscape and nature.

Filmmaking: my amateur films can be viewed a

Multi-media activities are my passion including building and maintaining personal computers and using the equipment to create audio and visual masterpieces.

Providing internet in rural Africa.

Ham radio operator

Student pilot


I became a Christian at approximately eight years old and this was partly because of a local children’s mission that ran in my local Baptist church. Not long after this, I started to attend the local Anglican church where my faith further developed and through a series of camps, trips and teaching sessions, I came to understand that following Jesus, the Son of God, should be central in my life journey. My early teens saw my faith journey take a further step as I began to understand that there is a loving God who wants the best for me and that his Spirit was available to equip and guide me. It was this understanding that spurred me forward to serve God in any way He wanted and, as a result, a passion developed within me to help young people encounter a living and loving God in the same way that I had in my earlier years. The Anglican Church of Kenya led me through the ordination process during 2017 and have now licensed me under the authority of Anglican Diocese of Nakuru.Theologically I believe in one God, who consists of three parts: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. All three aspects play a vital role in my spirituality; a father who knows what is best for me, a brother to guide me, and the Holy Spirit to sustain me. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and we have a responsibility to engage with His Word and attempt to understand and apply it to our everyday lives. I also believe that my personal faith needs to be part of a community. I believe that we are all ordained under God as His sons and daughters and that He calls us to serve Him first, by loving Him, and then loving others. I believe that the world we live in is not as God first intended it to be and at some point it will be restored for all, who choose to follow Jesus, to be a part of. I believe in a loving redemptive God who has sacrificially conquered evil through His Son Jesus, so that all who choose to believe in Jesus can eternally be with God. I also believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in order to make his or her own faith journey decision.I also believe that I am still learning, and I seek to discover God’s plan and purpose for my life daily.


I have a passion for social action within our local community. This includes working with children and young people and encouraging them into proactive activities. I have provided support for many organisations over the years, including the local government and police force, and also helped raise community values by organising community projects particularly involving young people. Most recent to date is tree planting projects to prevent deforestation in Kenya, providing WiFi in African rural communities and supporting Turi Children’s Project.I am an able musician who is not hindered by the fact that he cannot read music. My skills include keyboarding, singing, guitar playing and basic drumming. Simple children and family worship songs, which I have written, have also been published and used in appropriate environments. I have often been invited to lead children’s and family-based activities. This can require me to provide leadership, training, event development and upfront presentations.I have worked with large organisations such as the Anglican Diocese of Nakuru, Anglican Diocese of Bermuda, New Wine, Spring Harvest and the Anglican Diocese of Exeter. I am a competent computer user with self-taught skills in computer networking in Linux, Apple Mac and PC base systems. I am confident with both Microsoft and Apple office applications. I am proficient with Final Cut and Logic, as well as a variety of other visual and audio editing packages.


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